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Crew Break World Records For Rowing

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Congratulations to the Coxless Crew, from all the team at Survival Wisdom. In true British traditions you have demonstrated a spirit and sense of adventure that has achieved an incredible feat of human endurance! I remember when we met a couple of years ago at Mount Edgcumbe, where we completed your Risk Management and Sea Survival course off the Cornish Coast, that I thought you were mad, but we fully supported you! We discussed on the course about making tea and how 'life's about looking out for lemons!' Watching your journey, I'm sure you ticked off a few and I hope the training we delivered helped to make some very tough decisions easier!

I remember Alf's description to you, of the use of a life raft in an emergency as, a 'slightly better than death raft' hopefully this encouraged you to stay aboard your pink rowing boat all the way! We are very proud of your achievements and the amazing stories you have told along the way! We are so pleased that you are home safely and have accomplished your dreams. Just let us know what's next and I'm sure we can help again.

“Per Ardua”

To read more about their journey and to support their worthy charities, go to

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