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Team of Geologists complete Remote Medical Course Skutterud Norway

Survival Wisdom recently completed phase 1 of a 2 part training course for a team of Geologists in southern Norway. The course delivered by Richard a First Responder Level 4 and Ross a UK Paramedic and Mountain Rescue volunteer.

The course setting was a small former mine site in the lowlands of Southern Norway, near Vikersund. The site at Skutterud was just what was needed to set the scene for this first phase, and the team utilised the stunning landscape to set up realistic and practical scenarios for the teams.

The Geologists are employed by a mining company to assess the geological structures of some tough terrain, and work in pairs trekking into the wilderness to conduct ground truth and surveys. They often return from these trips with up to 30Kg of rock samples from one days trek! These guys are all pretty fit and robust, but there was a real positive energy and enthusiasm to learn, the enhanced skills that Survival Wisdom have to offer.

Ross and Richard delivered an enhanced program which included Advanced Airway Management techniques and utilising equipment and trauma packs supplied by the team. These bespoke kits, have been put together to suit the requirement to operate "far from help".

We also tried out some travel friendly and novel teaching aids such as the the "Mini Anne" mannequin, which was a really useful and packed away in our bags, with no problems at all!

As with all our courses "you are not a survivor till your rescued". An essential part of our medical emergency plans is to have the ability to promote your recovery and rescue. Richard helped them develop a bespoke communications strategy and plan and discussed and practiced, what to do too "Attract, Hold and Direct" rescue teams in the event of an emergency.

The training culminated by a final exercise which stretched the teams to utilise all the skills and knowledge that they had learned over the course!

Benny our lead for the event played an excellent victim throughout the course and found his calling in the final scenarios! Thanks Benny!

The candidates really enjoyed the course and engaged with every aspect of the program, from the emergency planning and contingencies to the scenario exercises, using realistic casualty simulation!

The next phase is now prepared and the survival kits put together. Phase 2 - will be completing an "Emergency Survival Exercise" in the stunning Ornes mountains in Northern Norway. The students will learn about survival Psychology and Survival PLANS a strategy used in emergencies! thank you to all the candidates on the course and to "Kuni and Benny for putting this together with us! For my information on our medical and Emergency Survival Packages email the team at:

or call the office on: 0044(0)1752823601

Thank you!

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