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This page is dedicated to providing our followers and customers with useful information and links to key survival planning and strategy resources.

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Personal Outdoor plans

The personal Outdoor plan is a free to download resource that helps you plan and promote rescue and recovery in an emergency. It also helps with planning and preparations for any adventure and expedition. Please feel free to download the template version and the blank document and save them to your expedition files! Any questions contact the team at:">

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Survival Kits

There are lots of ideas and ways of putting together personal survival kits and packs. At survival wisdom we advocate using the Survival PLAN strategy:

Protection- First Aid, Safety, Shelter and Fire.

Location- How to get rescued and recovered

Aquire- Water and Food

Navigation-  where you are and if necessary where need to go to.

This strategy and analysing the context of where and how you are traveling you can then put together the appropriate pack that will meet the Risks and requirements of the terrain and way you'll be traveling.

For further information or help contact the team at">

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