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Team Remote Medical and Survival Training Norway

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Well its been a little while since we have travelled to the more colder environments, but the team are glad to be back. SW are about to embark on a 2 part program in the stunning and beautiful Norwegian Landscape. The bespoke designed medical and resilience package, will be for a team of Geologists, who work in some of the worlds most extreme and remote conditions and need the skills and confidence too "survive and thrive".

The training team consists of Ross a UK based Paramedic & former Search and Rescue Mission co-ordinator for HM Coastguard, and Richard the MD of Survival Wisdom and a qualified First Responder.

Part 2 of the program, we will be joined by Tommy and Lee, who are Both Ex Royal Marine Mountain Leaders, who have a unique and close connection with Norway!

The program outcomes will see the team deliver remote medical techniques, and address key priorities in a cold weather survival situation.

All of Survival Wisdom's programs, concentrate on detailed expedition preparation and planning, and include advice on personal safety and medical preparation.

" Emergency planning and contingencies, are the key element to all our courses, working through timelines and how far from help you are, will dictate what emergency rescue kit and training you require to stay safe. A detailed understanding on how you can get rescued in an emergency are key to the success of your field trip and provide confidence and reassurance to participants"

Richard the MD of Survival Wisdom who is an appointed trainer for the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, who provide "Off Site Safety Management" courses.

The Norway program itself is a 2 part adventure, and will take the team to Southern Norway, in a stunning venue near to the "Skuterud Mine" and close to the Tyrifjorden Fjord. The initial program will be focussed on delivering practical, scenario based medical skills, utilising the experience of Ross a working Paramedic and Richard as a FREC 4 qualified trainer.

Following this the team will move locations for the next part of the adventure, which will be based around emergency survival in a Mountain Environment. The team will then be joined by Tommy and Lee, who will bring their knowledge of high altitude and Mountain survival techniques to our clients, plus plenty of local knowledge and connections!

The team are excited by the opportunity to deliver this program and will update us through social media and provide a full hot debrief on return!

for more information contact the team on

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