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Looking Forward to Spring!

That statement we often hear this time of year, but this really has been challenging for all of us, we can't wait for the new beginnings that spring offers!

Recently I went through some of our pictures and images, from courses we've run over the last few years. It's a great reminder of the achievements and particularly the amazing groups, and individuals who've enjoyed our outdoor programs. All have gone with experiences, skills and a lot of fun along the way.

Reviewing these images, gives us new energy and strength and we are looking forward to launching our spring and summer programs, with courses that will get people back into the countryside and really enjoy all that our beautiful landscape has to offer.

Those who've not been on our courses we offer a very bespoke type of training, with the core aims to: reconnect people with nature, tuning in our senses and developing strategies to help both with mental and physical wellbeing.

For us our "Green Prescription" experiences, will be our first roll-out of programs, such as guided "reconnecting with nature" walks, Natures Navigation walks and Woodland Carving workshops.

These courses provide the opportunity for people to get out into nature and slow down and see the world from a different context.

Some of the photos really emphasise the feeling that nature has on us, the main photo shows the Coast Marketing Team from Cornwall enjoying a beautiful spring day on one of our carving courses #coastmarcoms

We really look forward to new beginnings and adventures and hope to welcome you onto our new experiences very soon! For more information contact the team on:

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