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"Contrary to what it may feel like, we're built to withstand storms."

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues, the reality of the situation we now find ourselves in is starting to sink in. We’re beginning to find our new routines, and beginning to set out our goals. These are positive steps to be encouraged, however, it’s also important to ensure we “slow down” and use this time for productive thought. This new adaption will, in all likelihood, have left you mentally tired. Be sure to make time for your own mental health, don’t set unrealistic goals and, above all, be kind to yourself.

The second stage in our PLAN strategy framework focuses on Location:

Location –

If you’re going for supplies, ask a neighbour if they need anything so you can minimise widespread individual’s contact

• Use the Green Card / Red Card system to communicate: “Green” means everything is ok “Red” means your neighbour requires assistance

• Keep mentally active by reading or keeping a journal to document feelings and emotions during this time

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