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These courses, designed for NGO workers and journalists, gives students the skills that they need to work safely and confidently in hostile remote areas. They are ideal for aid workers and freelance journalists, but are also useful for campaigners and researchers working in countries with repressive or authoritarian regimes; where they are likely to be harassed or surveyed by state agents or organised criminal gangs.

Using workshops, demonstrations and realistic scenarios, our unique five day H.E.A.T course teaches students the importance of risk assessments and secure mind set, and trains them to recognise and avoid threats to their safety and security as well as how to respond quickly and effectively should security or medical incidents occur.

The course includes classroom sessions - the focus is on scenario-based training which provides students with genuine experiential learning by immersing them in the training. It provides important opportunities for the students attending the training and the environments that they will be woking in as well as incorporating the lessons learnt from the past NGO security incidents. 


The aim of the course is to train, rehearse and test students on common approaches to safety and security in a generic field operations environment.


Course level - Field Operators

The residential course is physically and mentally demanding. Students will work long days and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors in all weathers. Our trainers are there to facilitate an excellent environment for learning and will ensure the comfort and safety of our students.

Accommodation and facilities are basic but comfortable, and mimic what you might find in the field - including dormitory, tents and improvised shelters - in order to provide an immersive experience. The food is simple but plentiful and often cooked over an open fire.

We will have an excellent ratio of 1:6 trainers to students and can runt eh courses for between six and thirty students. Students are expected to read a package of training materials before the course as a pre-requisite.

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