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Do you dream about adventures in foreign countries, getting under the cultural skin of people and places?

Today’s world promises limitless adventure, but even experienced travelers need to be prepared.

Whatever your age, experience, budget or destination, we can help you develop your plans, build your survival knowledge, self-reliance and ability to deal with whatever comes your way. These skills can be summarised as “resilience”: your capacity, or the capacity of a group or society, to continually change, adapt and develop.

Our courses are in accordance with Royal Geographical Society, London, guidelines and set to British Standard 8848. They are run in collaboration with leading survival psychology and human resilience experts. Our three courses vary in length and detail and use the Survival Wisdom PLAN (link here). We use scenario planning, role play and rehearsal in real-life environments to help you plan, risk-assess and have the experience of a life-time.

Briefings: We provide a two-hour briefing package, tailored to your travel and expedition needs.

One-day training 

On-site training, providing theoretical and practical resilience advice.

Two-day training 

Training throughout UK and abroad. Providing in-depth theoretical and practical resilience-based skills and scenarios.

References: BS8848(2008+A1) (

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