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Management and Leadership coaching using proven Coaching and Survival Psychology Models. We help teams to deal with management and operational stress. We use proven techniques to recognise stress and how to cope with the unexpected situations that crop up in every-day life. We also work with teams to develop leadership and followership skills using coaching techniques combined with decades of ex-military proven leadership and skills sets.


We will design bespoke packages and management strategies for individuals or large client groups. These courses will be build “Resilience and Confidence” within your teams and group, as part of Future team dynamics.



During 30 years in the film and TV industry, Teri Hatcher has developed the skills she needs to survive in the cut-throat world of Hollywood, but not necessarily the ones to survive in the natural world.  With a self-proclaimed obsession with reality TV survival shows, she decided she wanted to develop some skills of her own.  So, she took the plunge and went on “survival camp” with the Survival Wisdom team.  She learnt how to approach the unexpected with a cool head, looking after herself by creating a shelter, finding food and water and making a survival strategy and plan.  Developing a calm approach to a frightening situation is a skill that can be used in any scenario, and that, combined with natural navigation skills, basic survival techniques and even stress management tactics have given Teri a whole new armoury of skills to call on, wherever she is and whatever she’s doing in the world.

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