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The Basic Land Survival course was devised to provide a formal qualification and accreditation in recognition of completing a short introductory programme with Survival Wisdom. The course includes theoretical and practical self-reliance training.




The aim of the course is to enable professionals in the outdoor industry, emergency service explorers and survival enthusiasts to receive the most relevant and up to date emergency survival packages.


The course is usually conducted over the period of a weekend, commencing on the Saturday morning. It is predominately conducted in an outdoor training area and includes at leat one night sleeping outside.

The first day of the course is devoted to briefings and practical methods to understand the psychology and practical applications of using survival skills as part of a survival plan and strategy. The system of course specifications and performance criteria ill be explained and the format shown for key referencing and standards required. The course will then follow the modular structure of protection, location, acquisition an navigation.

The applied phase of the course begins when the students move to the training camp where they will remain for the first day. They are given full demonstrations of the correct application of skills for the first two survival phases. The course then allows time for the students to practice the skills that they have learnt. This process will be followed over the next 30 hours to complete all elements of the survival PLAN.

During the applied phase, students are given limited food; this is to provide a sense of realism and achievement whilst not degrading them unnecessarily. Students build shelters as individuals so they can be closely observed and performance assessed for the award.

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