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These lecture-based sessions cover detainee conduct during a captive situation.

Our trainer has operational experience of training and debriefing personnel who have been involved in hostage situations, and this is a unique and essential course for travellers and explorers.

The principle aims of the course are to teach kidnap awareness and hostage survival techniques. Conducting risk assessments and becoming more aware of the threats through situational estimate that you could face. Finally, in the worst case scenario, conduct and behaviour during captivity and positive outcomes.

Some of the subjects available during this course:

  • Kidnap awareness and hostage survival - theory

  • Resilience and stress management - theory

  • Conflict management and de-escalation - theory and practical

  • Principles of self defence - theory and practical

  • What to expect and how to act in a rescue - theory

  • Differing government responses (e.g. legal position of ransom payments) - theory 

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