Richard Pyshorn (FRGS)



Richard Pyshorn is the Managing Director of Survival Wisdom Ltd

Previously, Richard spent 30 years as a Force Protection expert in the UK armed forces, specialising in protection of high value assets in threat environments around the world during 15 operational tours of duty. He has survived in environments from the sands of the Middle East to Central American jungles, having completed some of the toughest and most arduous training courses within the British military. Richard is a proven senior manager who has been responsible for the safety and administration of over 300 men and women in the most challenging conditions.

Richard was the First Training Manager of the UK Survival Evasion Resistance Extraction Organisation (DSTO) at RAF St Mawgan. He was responsible for the management of all courses at the school ranging from Maritime Sea Survival training to Advanced Escape and Evasion courses. Richard is a fully qualified military survival instructor including peacetime woodland survival. As a keen sailor, Richard is always happy to pass on his sea survival wisdom of this most challenging environment! His specialist knowledge also includes many years of experience of the Jungle environment, which has seen him deploy regularly to support and run expeditions in the tropical zones of Central America and West Africa. Richard has managed and led expeditions throughout the globe to countries within Europe, North and Central America, South East Asia and Africa.

Richard has been a trainer for some 27 years and is qualified in other disaster resilience areas such as Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Defence, CBRN Emergency planning and plotting, Emergency First Aid trainer and examiner. He is also a skill at Arms instructor and is an experienced deliverer of training in many other specialist areas.

Richard has achieved numerous qualifications over the years including Senior Executive management qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is a also qualified in Coaching and Mentoring in Management.

Along with many operational awards and citations, in 2013 in recognition of a very full and rewarding career Richard was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. This is a privilege that is shared with Fellows such as Michael Palin and incredible adventurers throughout history.


“I had the great privilege of working with Richard during the reorganisation of a major military unit, delivering core and advanced tactical survival skills to all members of the UK armed forces and government services. His tenacity, management skills, intelligence but moreover his passion for delivering survival training was simply outstanding.”

Experienced Offshore / Onshore Aviation Safety Assurance Consultant

“In addition to a period directly managing Richard Pyshorn, I have also had regular exposure to his work in a number of other appointments. His performance was consistently high-grade and he was utterly reliable, as evidenced by his rapid promotion. He routinely demonstrated the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, whilst retaining focus. An excellent communicator, his character and proven leadership skills make him a vital team member. An impressive and well-rounded individual.”

Station Commander; Commander RAF Regiment; Deputy Force Protection Force Commander at Royal Air Force


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