The Team


Richard Pyshorn FRGS

Managing Director of Survival Wisdom Ltd.
Previously, Richard spent 30 years as a Force Protection expert in the UK armed forces, specialising in protection of high value assets in threat environments around the world. He has survived in environments from the sands of the Middle East to Central American jungles, having completed some of the toughest and most arduous training courses within the British military. Richard is a proven senior manager who has been responsible for the safety and administration of over 300 men and women in the most challenging conditions.


Founder Director of Survival Wisdom Ltd.
John Hudson is a Cornwall-based survival instructor, chiefly involved in training new instructors to teach Land, Sea, and Extreme Environment Survival at the UK Military’s survival school (Defence SERE Training Organisation, DSTO). Formerly a helicopter pilot, John has worked in his current role as a full time Royal Air Force survival instructor for over ten years. He has survived the elements in the cold seas off the British Coast, the snows of the Arctic circle, in Asian and Central American Jungles, and in the high altitudes of the Atacama desert.


Founder Director of Survival Wisdom Ltd
Robin is a Combat Survival and Rescue Instructor at the UK Military’s survival school (Defence SERE Training Organisation, DSTO). His enthusiasm for teaching survival stems from Robin’s school years where sport was his main motivator, becoming the youngest person in the UK to hold the Teachers Certificate. It was this combination of outdoor excellence and natural teaching ability that led Robin to pursue a career as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in the RAF.


Survival Wisdom founder
Now living and working in the United Arab Emirates, Chris served in the Army for 24 years and then with the RAF for a further 6 years. A very experienced trainer with over 20 years teaching survival related subjects. During his time in the army Chris was his unit’s Combat Survival Instructor and advisor. As part of this role he was responsible for ensuring the training of 600 personnel and the formation of survival plans during operations, deployments and training exercises at home and overseas.


Chris is highly experienced at delivering survival training for the UK military in the desert, jungle, extreme cold weather and temperate environments, and specialises in tracking.


Kev is Combat Tracker Trained, a Ground Sign Awareness Instructor and a Self Defence Instructor (Level 5 Krav Maga).

Paul 'Chalky' White

Paul is currently a lead instructor who manages and instructs on the UK military’s advanced survival and evasion course.

Jase Hicks

Jason has an impressive portfolio of military experiences spanning over 20 years, instructing in temperate, dessert, jungle environments and sea survival.

Tony Gibbs

Tony has just completed a 36 year Royal Naval career and for the last 10 he has been involved in the delivery and development of training for captive or hostage situations.