Survive and Dine With Me




Come dine with me, Survival Wisdom style!
OVERVIEW:We will take you into the great outdoors on a survival adventure, which will culminate in a dining experience of your own choice. Are you brave enough to catch & prepare your own food, or will you retreat to the lap of luxury… the choice is yours!
THE SITUATION: You and your team will be guided on a personal tour of survival training and techniques.
The event follows survival psychology models and the Survival Plan used by the British Military;

Protection,Location, Acquisition, Navigation

“The sessions are designed to be fun and cater for all skill levels and abilities”



Team Size: For groups of 10 upwards.

Duration: From 3 hours, to a full day (overnight activity optional).

Venue: Outdoor space with woodland & elds. MOD & private estate options available.

Dining: We can arrange anything. Tell us where & what you want to eat!

Accomodation: No venue too big. No hotel too small. We will sort it.

Inputs: A willing team with a sense of adventure.
Outcomes: Team bonding, confidence, resilience & great fun!

To book, call us on 01752 823601 or email us.