Murder Squad




MISSION: “As the on-call SCD1 Team (Murder Squad) it is your role to take over the crime scene and identify the suspect.”
INFORMATION: A person is dead. Murdered by persons unknown. There are clues everywhere, but can you uncover them and piece it all together?
INTENTION: Avenge the victim by bringing his killer to justice.
METHOD: Organise yourselves into an effective investigative unit. Appreciate and allocate tasks to further the investigation. Collate and evaluate the evidence.
Identify the suspect.
Build an unassailable case against the suspect. Take the suspect to court.



Team Size: Any size of group catered for – big or small.

Duration: Half a day or less.

Venue: A private area to set up the murder scene, and rooms to run the investigation. Can be run indoors or outside. We can come to your office, or to a hotel or convenient venue.

Inputs: A willing team, an inquisitive mind and a sense of adventure.

Outcomes: Team bonding, confidence, resilience & great fun!

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