“Luck Never Gives, it Only Lends” Scottish Proverb


“Luck Never Gives, it Only Lends” Scottish Proverb

With months of preparation, Scotland definitely lent us some beautiful weather and scenery in February, when the team deployed on a VVIP ultimate survival experience. Working with our partners at “Based on a True story” we worked hard to deliver a memorable adventure for our clients.

survival-wisdom-42The experience was based in the beautiful Kirkton of Glen Isla, and the clients started their experiences in the North Cairngorms National park, climbing some incredible peaks. The weather was perfect, with snow on the ground, and sunshine booked in for just the right times too!

Once complete the guests continued their experiences, by moving to the beautiful Forter Castle, surrounded by the stunning scenery of Glenisla. Forter Castle was originally built in 1560 and was destroyed in 1640 by the Duke of Argyll. The castle has been fully restored and is now equipped for a spectacular and luxurious stay, for up to 12 people.


The course began with refresher training, following on from the client’s previous visit. Equipping them with new skills to complement the training delivered on Dartmoor in 2014. The guests enjoyed new challenges such as Natural Navigation and Tracking skills.

The team moved with the clients through the stunning terrain, practicing the skills learnt during the workshops. We then arrived in our overnight location in the scots pine forests, overlooking Auchintaple Loch. The clients used the time to address the priorities of survival in some very cold and snowy conditions. Shelters built, fire lit and pine needle tea on the go, the guests enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the pleasures of the “Bush Television”! Busy lifestyles force us to neglect
A little time out! This really sank home enjoying the pleasures of a cup of warming tea and stories around the campfire of adventures! The evening saw a perfectly clear sky and some astronavigation, the light from the moon giving a silver shimmering texture to the half frozen loch.
Off to bed beside a warming log fire under a pine thatched lean-too was the home for our guests, alone for the first time under the stars!


The day saw more chance to practice the skills including tracking an unexpected visitor near to the camp. The team then departed the shelter of the beautiful woodland to our final destination and rescue. The day finished with a surprise lunch at a spectacular location overlooking the Loch, a fitting end to a unique and spectacular experience for all!


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