“You and your team are being hunted”
MISSION: Stranded deep behind enemy lines, you must avoid enemy capture and navigate to safety.


SITUATION: It’s 8th May 1945. Victory in Europe Day. The German empire has collapsed. The Allied forces victorious However, the news has not yet reached all the axis forces, some of which Fight on…
TASK: You are Second Lieutenant Harris. You and your team have been cut off from Allied troops.
As the VE celebrations ring out throughout Europe, you are holed up in a derelict farmhouse 30 miles north of Berlin. The active crackle of gun fire cuts the air.
You are still being hunted….



Team Size: Any size of group catered for – big or small.

Duration: From 3 hours, to a week. How long can you handle?

Venue: Outdoor space with Woodland & Open fields or moorland.  MOD & private estate options available.

Inputs: A willing team with a sense of adventure.
This will be physically demanding. You will need to be physically and mentally fit and agile!

Outcomes: Team bonding, confidence, resilience & great fun!

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