Protecting Doris and her Valuable Cargo

Last year after conducting the Coxless crews risk management and sea survival training here in Cornwall, the crew kindly requested that we could put our logo on the side of Doris, as one of the supporters of their incredible challenge. I promised that we would get something produced, as long as it[...]

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Skycap Donates Quad Copters for “Heart Of Belize” Project

Learning to Fly Recently the team had a call from Steve and Pete from Skycap, with the great news that they would like to donate two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the "Heart of Belize" Project. Richard and Jason attended the training at the SKYCAP training airfield at Wisley. Pete Cullen from Sk[...]

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Survival Wisdom Monthly Kit Recomend

We highly recomend the Grabber Blanket as part of your Survival Kit. We have been using this kit for many years and has great utility in any survival situation. We recomend buying the Orange version which can be utilised as a daytime marker panel, the silver thermal side can be utilised in conjunc[...]

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Get Noticed with Spot Tracker

The Spot Tracker is a highly versatile GPS tracking device. Excellent for any explorer or professional traveller. The tracker is very simple to operate, and has been proven globally by the Survival Wisdom team. We have personally used the tracker for many years and have operated it in some of the [...]

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The Wisdom Edge TM

The Wisdom Edge is the result of many years experience of survival training and meets the requirements of the primary survival tool. Each Wisdom Edge is hand made and comes in Silver or orange colours. The concept is simple, a blade that is big enough and strong enough to enable you to survive until[...]

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